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On the Threat of Multiple Terror Attacks in Abuja

Emergency Statement of the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (RSV), Nigerian Section of the RCIT, 30th October, 2022.

The last couple of days has been full of tensions surrounding the capital city, Abuja. The US and the governments of other Western countries including Canada, the UK etc., have issued warnings to their citizens not to enter Nigeria’s capital or to totally shelve plans to enter the country based on intelligence reports that multiple terror attacks were in the offing throughout the capital.

The Nigerian government though initially denying that there are any such threats militarised the capital with gun wielding combat ready platoons of top state forces like the DSS, paramilitaries, and police. The combined mobilisation of these forces have launched several joint operations and raids in Abuja and have even commenced “stop and search” operations at new check points manned by their officers.

Malls, shops, companies and even some banks have closed down in lieu of the pending attacks. The US has evacuated a good number of its “non-emergency staff” from Nigeria and so have other countries. While there has been no actual terror attack in Abuja, probably due to the heightened awareness two reports of abduction by bandits have occurred further down south and they actually pose an equally grim picture as any attack in Abuja would have.¹ This is because the proximity of these kidnappings to southern centers such as Lagos and Enugu rival the early days of such terrorist attacks like when Fasoranti’s daughter was killed in 2019 or the massacre at Igangan that revived Yoruba nationalism in 2021.

All of these show, as we have pointed out severally in the past, that the multiplicity of Wahhabi-Salafist groups is tied to the specific form of neo-colonialism in Nigeria which has the settler colonialist north as the proxy of Western imperialism. Even the alleged terrorists arrested by DSS and other state forces already show visible traces of links with a northern governor. Needless to say, this supposed foil of the campaign of terror by these groups cannot avert future attacks. How distant or near that future is is anyone’s guess.

The certainty of future attacks is further buttressed by a debilitating capitalist crises which initially began in 2008/09 but re-emerged in epochal dimensions in 2019. Worsened by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine that strengthens instability in markets; brought to maturity an energy crises in embryo; and ultimately spurred inflation. Add to these the evermore destructive capabilities of climate change.

Even the US, the country that announced the warnings, faces a rise in domestic terrorism, even though like the Nigerian government, the Biden administration fails to admit this. From the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill to the incessant mass shootings in schools to the recent attempt on the life of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, all reflect the crises of partisan politics in the US. This is because along with the decline of US imperialism on the world stage, its center has a settler colonialist imperialist state can no longer hold. Hence the shocks from the death throes of the imperialist Behemoth. That is why recent political landscape in the US has seen both revolutionary and counterrevolutionary events like the 2020 BLM protests and the overturning of Roe v Wade months ago respectively.

Likewise, Nigeria which is just the estate in waiting of Wahhabist Fulani at the behest of the West is about to lose its soul as the candidates with the highest stakes for next year’s elections are southerners. The one being the most powerful politician from the South West, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, while the other from the South East, Peter Obi, has the largest following. Leaving the only northern candidate Atiku Abubakar trailing the duo. No doubt, substantial northern appeasement rituals have been pursued by the two southern candidates. For one thing, they like nearly all presidential aspirants in the country including the left wing Omoyele Sowore, have northerners as running mates. But the deepening crises of the capitalist system makes the northern hegemon, the tin god of Nigerian politics evermore insatiable given that the “national cake” becomes smaller by the minute so its minions must rage.

While the bonapartist Buhari has accentuated the course of Salafist settler colonialism, it beats a retreat in its twilight fearing for the disintegration of the country in his own tenure while trying to refurbish its irredeemable image at the same time. So it carries out an offensive against the very forces which by its machinations were emboldened in the last seven years. But even Buhari too is forced to understand that, and as we have stated in the past, he is a product of history and not the other way around. Unlike many in the left and liberal activist milieu who like to center Buhari as the most important catalyst of the exponential growth of terror groups. We maintained that even his emergence was due to the multifaceted crises of the neo-colonialist set up which is Nigeria. Now the bonapartist Buhari regime might find itself boxed into corner where all efforts to reverse the tide of history becomes futile. However when its energy is eventually spent it may succumb to the Salafists, if at least to save its own skin.

A plethora of possibilities follow from such an event. Should the Salafist launch multiple attacks on Abuja and maybe even across the country a military coup might ensue. They may even succeed in declaring a caliphate. And either of the two can happen before the 2023 elections or after. A more unlikely possibility is the southern lackey governments pronouncing a breakaway from Nigeria if one or both of the scenarios play out. Nevertheless this can translate into increased autonomy for the southern ethnic nationalities and strengthen the national liberation movements in the south. It seems like the southern governments and whatever is left of the Nigerian government will call on imperialist troops especially from the US to intervene if the terrorists takeover the government.

In all of these, revolutionaries must maintain an independent profile going forward. We must call for the formation of self defense guards in neighbourhoods, workplaces, communities, schools and major roads to combat Salafist attacks. The so called security apparatus in Nigeria is already compromised and near helpless, so no collaboration must exist between them and the popular self defence guards. These self defence guards may also graduate into popular militias in case of a civil war. In a civil war between a military government or a caliphate and the ethnic nationalities of the south, revolutionaries are obliged to physically and militarily support the former without giving any political approval to its bourgeois or reactionary leaderships.

Revolutionaries must oppose demagoguery and call for the democratic running of the movements for national liberation of the southern ethnic nationalities. Northern workers and progressives must protect the lives and property of their southern sisters and brothers from fundamentalist gangs. They must join in the campaign for self determination for the southern ethnic nationalities and demand freedom for all persons incarcerated or exiled by the Nigerian government. This is the true expression of oneness and solidarity across national or ethnic lines not the so-called one Nigeria which is based on cohesion of ethnic nationalities rather than by their free volition.

For us only a socialist government can free the ethnic nationalities from the prison house called Nigeria and the gulag of neo-colonialism. This government shall have as its organs of power, workers’ and popular councils which will expropriate the assets of the national bourgeoisie — the intermal agents of imperialism; nationalise key sectors of the economy and shield the people from the catastrophe of global capitalism and climate change.

Onward To Socialist Oduduwa and Biafra Republics!



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